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This is a braided bracelet made of a 14K gold bead chain.

The beads on the chain are 0.9 millimeters in size, and the gold wire used for the clasp is approximately 0.5 millimeters. Once the bracelet is braided, it has a width of about 2.8mm, giving it a delicate appearance. The gold wire itself has some stiffness, adding to its overall quality.

The end chain is made of imported 14K gold, which can be washed without fading. The length of the braided rope is 15 centimeters, with an additional 3 millimeters of extension chain.

It is suitable for wrist circumferences ranging from approximately 14.5 to 17.5 centimeters, making it suitable for most people.

If you have any customization requests, please feel free to leave us a message.

There are several color combinations available, all of which are exceptionally attractive.

However, we understand that choosing colors can sometimes be difficult for women. Here are a few suggestions: If you have fair skin, any of the color options will suit you. If you have a yellow undertone, we recommend blue or red. For those with a wheat complexion, wearing peacock blue or grass green will create a unique and exotic vibe.


blue, green, haze blue



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