Handrope-15 braid


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Material: Nylon

High temperature dyeing is not easy to fade

Suitable for various DIY weaving

The thread body is tight and textured, wear-resistant and resistant to pulling, and is not prone to branching, fuzzing, and other situations. Knots are firm and not easy to break


dark pink(150073), True red(G06001), cyan(G06004), soil yellow(G06017), Meranti(G06028), coral orange(G06030), purple(G06042), black(G06056), beige(G06057), bright red(G06059), coffee color(G06060), dark purple(G06061), yellow(G06062), light blue(G06064), wine red(G06065), orange yellow(G06066), rust(G06067), blue(G06068), sky blue(G06069), white



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